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Homoeopathic Materia Medica

  • Department is setup in 100 carpet area which is well constructed and ventilated.
  • As college is running Post Graduate Education hence  Department is setup in 2 parts
  • Under Graduate
  • Post Graduate
  • For the teaching of undergraduate students  there are all types creative digital charts
  • Separate demonstration room is provided.
  • More than 100 specimens of Drug substances are kept in the Department.
  • Digital Charts on Typical picture wise presentation of homoeopathic drug
  • There are digital Charts on Ophiadia group, spider family, nosodes, sarcods are made available in the Materia Medica Department.
  • The purpose of the Department is to train the basic Homoeopathic graduate in the field of Hom. Materia Medica, to carry out research in Homoeopathy and to achieve higher standard in the system.
  • The department has different Audio Visual Aids which includes CD ROMS on different types of Homoeopathic Drugs and grouped under different families
  • Department has a different types of Software’s and computers with facility of Broad Bond.
  • For Post Graduate students department is running separate clinical OPD where more than 100 patients are examined by P.G. Students and departmental staff.
  • Department also maintains log book for Post Graduate Student to ascertain the work done by P.G. Trainees.
  • Department also provides a facility of Drug Proving Unit.
  • On regular basis department organize Homoeopathic Diagnostic Camp.
  • The seminars, workshops  and Tutorials are conducted regularly by the Department.
  • Post Graduate students also conduct Seminars on applied Materia Medica specially for  3rd year and 4th year under graduate B.H.M.S. students.
  • The department also works for the sake of awareness of homoeopathy for society
  • Department has separate U.G. and P.G. Departmental Library.
  • Separate Reading Room facility provided in the Department