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DEPARTMENT OF Homoeopathic Philosophy & Organon of Medicine

  • The department is well equipped with a museum, Post graduate lecture room, and HOD room.
  • 50 Charts  and a qualitative Departmental library.
  • The Teachers are very much focused on developing student interest in the subject and making them aware of basis of science of Homoeopathy by providing insights into the fundamental principles.
  • Life histories of different Pioneers  of Homoeopathy are taught whose contributions have made Homoeopathy touch new heights in medical science.
  • The Department has been very active in conducting various seminars and presentations on OHP and L.C.D projector thus helping the students in learning and developing command over the subject.
  • Clinical classes, tutorials, group discussions, seminars and bedside clinical classes are held regularly with the help of audio-visual aid.
  • Besides its everyday teaching activities the Department of Organon of Medicine of this college is also participating in seminars and workshops regularly.
  • Department has a different types of Software’s and computers with facility of Broad Bond.
  • For Post Graduate students department is running separate clinical OPD where more than 80  patients are examined by P.G. Students and departmental staff.
  • Department also maintains log book for Post Graduate Student to ascertain the work done by P.G. Trainees.
  • The seminars, workshops  and Tutorials are conducted regularly by the Department.
  • Post Graduate students also conduct Seminars on applied Materia Medica specially for  3rd year and 4th year under graduate B.H.M.S. students.
  • The department also works for the sake of awareness of homoeopathy for society